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Gustavo Rodriguez

Gustavo Rodriguez

Director of Client Relations for Pamela Rodriguez

As Client Relations Manager for Pam, I leverage my organizational leadership experience to manage all aspects of the practice. This includes reviewing the new business workflow, supervising the underwriting process, maintaining client records, implementation of compliance procedures, and providing ongoing first class service and support to our clients. Dedicated to developing intelligent business practices, I act as a liaison to the various departments and investment managers, investment fund companies, custodians and insurance companies.

For over 15 years our independent financial planning team has helped hundreds of families and business owners pursue financial independence. Whether you are starting a new family, buying a home, running a business or preparing for retirement, we help our clients manage each aspect of their financial journey from start to finish. We are dedicated to developing financial plans tailored to each client’s needs and assisting them in taking the actions necessary to work towards their financial goals.

We understand the challenges that military families face and have extensive knowledge about the lifestyle and their military benefits. Our passion for serving military members, their families and the medical community comes from a desire to pay it forward and assist others the same way our family was assisted on our journey to financial freedom.